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Alice was a teacher in a small village school in The Borders of Scotland. A proud Scot, fiercely bright and passionate about her job, she worked in the same classroom, teaching over 3 generations of many families, seeing many go on to university, and illustrious careers.


Alice was in her 30’s when she married. Tom was in the Army and had learned to ski during the war when he was stationed in Norway. It was Tom that persuaded Alice to try skiing in the Cairngorms. At first she was hesitant, but this gave way to a real love of the slopes and soon holidays were being booked abroad, taking friends and looking forward to the annual trip to the Alps.


Nobody could quite believe in the village that this petite, studious teacher was hurtling down the slopes in her spare time. But Alice would show photos of her and Tom, stood on top of mountain after mountain in the alpine sunshine. Though Alice and Tom never had any children of their own, she always say, with a twinkle in her eye, that she’s raised ‘hundreds’ in her village classroom.


The photos of Alice skiing adorn Alices’ room at HC-One. She’s proud to tell anyone who wonders at them, the places she’s been and just how good she was.

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