Our values play a key role in our continued success and are part of everything we do, every day.  They shape the way we work, our commitment to our Residents and how we work together as one team.

Simply put, we want our Residents to feel loved and cared for.  That’s why we prioritise what is important & focus on those tasks to deliver unrivalled care services.


We respect your privacy and the safety of your personal data. We comply with all data protection legislation and we review our policies, our procedures and our security measures regularly.


Any data that you provide to us in the course of enquiring about, or applying for a job with us will be used only for the purposes of recruitment.


We use cookies, as do most websites, but we don’t and can’t use them to identify who you are or track what you do on our site. We simply use this data to improve the way the website works.


By using this website and/or providing us with any data and/or information, you give your consent to us using your data for recruitment purposes, or to help us make the website work better.

Kindness is genuine and comes from the heart. By fostering kindness in our homes we build real connections between our Colleagues, Residents and Relatives.

We know relationships are built on trust and mutual benefit, that’s why we deliver on what we say, keep our promises, and acknowledge any discrepancies.

We adapt a simple approach to care, we are always clear and straightforward in what we say & do, and what’s more, it works.

We are not wasteful and we deliver real value


Kindness increases our enjoyment of life; it encourages a feeling of harmony within the home, where relationships are built on mutual trust and mutual benefit


We want to be known across the UK for providing the best and kindest care possible. We believe that staff can deliver their best if we give them the best working environment we can.


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