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People, are our most important asset. That’s why we need the best when it comes to finding and keeping great people. To be one of our Human Resources professionals, you’ll be outgoing, a team player and have a keen eye for talent. You’ll be proficient in all aspects of talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management and legislative compliance.

Our Marketing team is focused on building a brand that mirrors our vision and values. It’s vital that HC-One is seen and recognised in the marketplace for what we stand for: The ‘Kind Care Company’. We want outgoing, talented individuals who are passionate about our brand and work together as a team to create something wonderful.

Finance is so much more than a support function.

As a leading healthcare provider, a strong commercial approach is vital to our success. Our diverse range of opportunities cover financial planning and control, to accounting practices and tax.

Our central support centre provides assistance in a variety of ways to our front line services, some very visible, others more subtle, but in every way resonating the kindness and delivery you’ll see in a Home. Effectively, you could say it’s one big family!


If you have strong business skills and acumen, and would like to help shape the future of HC-One, search our live vacancies today. These are just some of our many Support Functions that are there to help our homes:-




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