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Like our Nurses, Carers ultimately make the difference to our Residents.


Essentially, you put the comfort, happiness and safety of your Residents first - and do everything in your power to ensure they lead rich, dignified and fulfilling lives.


Carers and Residents in many instances become almost family; the support you so willingly provide is appreciated more than you will probably ever know! You will be looking after diverse, incredible people with fascinating life stories.  These people deserve to be supported by someone who can share this chapter in their life and make a real difference.

"It’s a great company, with great colleagues who help you achieve more than you possibly thought you could, helping you reach your goals/achievements"




Carers make a real difference to our Residents, they put the ‘warm’ and ’fuzzy’ feeling into the kindness our Residents receive, from that first greeting, or welcoming cup of tea with a favourite biscuit! Simply put, our Carers want all of our Residents to feel loved and cared for, it’s a simple as that!  All of our Carers work together as part of a team to assist in the provision of high quality and kind care. Overall, they ensure our Residents retain their dignity and individuality. It’s one of our most essential roles.


S/NVQ2, Diploma or equivalent in Health & Social Care

A background in care or similar environment

Working as part of a team

Ideally some experience of caring for older people

Good communication and organisation skill

Time Management



Above all, they put the smile on our Residents faces by the kind care they naturally give.

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