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Fran grew up in Liverpool, in fact she’s lived there most of her life. Her father worked down at the docks and her mother had a number of cleaning jobs to help make ends meet. It was a wonderful place to grow up. By the time the 60’s came around Fran was in her early twenties. Rock and roll was all the rage and Liverpool was the centre of the music universe.


Like many girls and boys of her generation in Liverpool, The Cavern Club was the place to be. Fran would go with her friends. One night she saw a Band that she’d never heard of before. But would go on to hear plenty of over the next decade. They would in fact, become the biggest band in the history of Music.


Afterwards her friend got to chat with the lead singers - Paul and John. Fran regrets not getting the chance to chat them up herself. She says she might be married to Paul McCartney now if she had! But remembers with great detail that evening and just how magical that band, The Beatles, were.


Fran married a local man and worked in the Post Office, had four children and now has nine grandchildren! She moved into her HC-One residence five years ago and loves telling everyone about her time growing up in Liverpool and the music scene. In her room she often plays music. No guessing who the band is.


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