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John worked for a Popular Bank in the City. He began work as a bank clerk and rapidly made promotion, retiring as Manager for the same branch he started with. Over the years John saw his fair share of interesting financial transactions. Currencies from every corner of the globe, the occasional ‘criminal’ activity, but one thing John has seen always fascinates the people he tells…


John was fortunate in his capacity to have some dealings with the Bank of England. And on one visit he was very lucky to be given sight of one of England’s most treasured banknotes. The extremely rare £1 Million pound note! Naturally, it’s not the kind of note you’d expect to be issued at a cashpoint and these notes are never meant for circulation.


But to have seen, touched and been in the presence of a banknote few others have ever seen, is something else for John!


What he loves to tell you, is that supposedly there is a £100 Million note in the Vaults. Imagine the change you’d have to carry to cash that! And apparently, it is legal tender.


Retiring from the City, John and his wife - who he also met in the Bank, looked forward to an active life with their two sons and grandchildren. Sadly Carol, John’s wife passed away five years ago. John is now a resident with HC-One and to everyone who he chats to, John is definitely one in a million.

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