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Current Vacancies:

Working for HC-One

All of our 22,500 talented individuals are passionate about care and want to do something that makes a real difference to peoples' lives. Working for HC-One means you’ll get to work with amazing people, helping to enhance and fulfil our Resident's lives.  We believe in what we do. We believe in our team. We believe we can make a difference to the 20,000 people who call our homes – theirs.


    For those in Care, quality of life is the most important thing. No other team is as dedicated, focused or passionate about the delivery of that quality care, than HC-One.


    Together, we are working tirelessly, to ensure that our Residents, every minute of every day, receive a standard of Care that sets our homes apart. We listen carefully to the needs of our Residents, help them to live active and fulfilling lives, paying attention to the little touches that matter and stand apart in our commitment to kindness in everything we do.


    Respected, admired, skilled and rewarded, we’ve invested over £90 million in services over the past 3 years and have over £100 Million more allocated in the near future.


    Kindness costs nothing. Yet our residents think it’s the most valued quality about the people who work at HC-One.

We are here to make a real difference to the lives of women and men in communities all across the UK. We are doing this by fostering a culture that actively encourages simple kindness.


We want to be known across the UK for providing the best and kindest care possible. We believe that staff can deliver their best if we give them the best working environment we can.


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We love to shout about the great things at HC-One -  our achievements and how we celebrate success. Here's our latest news feed showing you what our team are up to and the exciting developments in our business.



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